E Cigarettes Common questions and answers

What do you mean by electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are alternative of tobacco cigarettes that look like a traditional cigarettes and give feeling and sensation of smoking via an electronic method. This electronic cigarette is made up of an LED light, a battery, atomizer and cartridge. Cartridge contains nicotine and flavor mixed liquid and when user puff in this liquid gets vaporized with the help of atomizer and battery. User inhales this vapor and gets the feeling of smoking.

Is it safe to smoke with electronic cigarettes?

Since these electronic cigarettes contain nicotine so calling it 100% safe is not possible for us and if we will say that we will be lying to you. However, if we compare it traditional tobacco cigarette with electronic cigarettes then electronic cigarettes are much safer because it contains only nicotine traces, but it does not contain any other harmful chemicals (you can see here what’s in cigarette). Neither has it produced component like tar and carbon monoxide that are very harmful for health. So we can say it is much safer than traditional smoking.

Are electronic cigarettes are approved by FDA?

The straight answer for this question is no, but FDA is evaluating this and chances are there that it will get an approval from FDA in near future.

Where can I learn about e cigarettes and the best ones on the market?

We have one resource for you, it covers everything you need to know about electronic cigarette and the best brands on the market, visit Vapors Digest. The site is crammed full of useful information, from the history of the products, to safety guides and tips.

Can electronic cigarette cause cancer?

Anything that contains nitrosamines can cause cancer, but for this its quantity need to be in bigger size. The amount nitrosamine that electronic cigarettes contain is extremely low and its amount is equal to nicotine patches that are approved by FDA, so we can say it does not cause cancer. However, if you increase the nicotine amount in its cartridge than it may increase risk of it else not.

Can I quit smoking with electronic cigarette?

Giving an assurance about it will be against the law because until this time, it is not approved by FDA neither it is a medicine so we can only say it is a much safer alternative to traditional smoking, but if we talk about users opinion more than 90% people never used tobacco cigarette ever again after using electronic cigarettes.

Can I use electronic cigarette at non smoking areas as well?

Yes, you can use it as long as the place does not have a policy against electronic cigarettes as well. Since electronic cigarette does not produce any smoke, it is not responsible for passive smoking and it does not affect any one else so you can use it any place. However, if you are at a place that has strict rules against any kind of smoking because of any ethical reason then you should avoid using e-cigarettes. These places can be educational institutions or hospitals.